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How to Hit Your Ideal Protein Goal Every Day

WRITTEN BY Nicolas Anguiano

By hitting your ideal protein goal every day you’ll unlock a series of benefits:

✔ You’ll feel more satiated and boost your metabolism

✔ You’ll get stronger and create more muscle mass

✔ You’ll have more energy and vitality throughout the day

And it’s simpler to do than you think. It will also set the foundation for a healthier diet. Here’s how to do it properly.


By now, forget about calories and other macros. Focus primarily on eating enough protein, and the rest will fall into its right place eventually. Remember that this week is all about building a strong foundation for your new healthy lifestyle.

All you need to do is the following:

➤ Weigh yourself

➤ Eat 2.2 gr of protein per every kg of body weight, or 1.00 gr per pound

➤ Focus on high-quality protein sources such as beef, fish, lamb, poultry, and pork

➤ Supplement with whey protein if necessary

As you can see, it’s not hard to do. You can divide your protein goal across the breakfast, lunch, and dinner - easy.

On the other hand, if you’ve already calculated the calories you should eat per day, then make protein a 25-30% of them. That will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this approach.


Science backs up the claims of a high-protein approach.

However, before we go into the benefits, we must make clear that there’s no danger linked to high-protein diets (evidence).

Now that it’s all clear, here’s the science behind the benefits:

✔ A high-protein diet leads to more fat loss and more satiety (evidence)

✔ A high-protein diet promotes more muscle mass development and greater strength gains (evidence)

✔ A high-protein diet improves energy metabolism, and in consequence, it improves the energy and vitality levels (evidence)

Now go and hit your protein goal. Every. Single. Day.

It will pay off sooner than you think!