MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro
MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro
MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro
MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro
MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro
MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro
MorePro V12C IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Pink - MorePro

    MorePro V12C Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Monitoring andIP68 Waterproof Pink

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      Makes Sports Easier and Inspires Your Life. To Be a Better Man!

      running smart watch

      Sports Mode & Message Reminder, More Features, and More Enjoyment!

      ✔ Equipped with the nordic nrf52832 processor, the motion detection accuracy is upgraded to obtain more realistic data such as miles, real-time heart rate, calories, and steps. A reliable fitness tracker records your daily activities.

      ✔ The 11-level brightness adjustment feature makes it easy to read data, whether in shadow or in the sun.

      ✔ It's can receive Messages, Calls, Facebook, WhatsApp, make sure that you never miss anything important.

      ✔ This watch not only can reject any incoming calls but also has a new silent mode. It will not be disturbed or missed important news during the meeting.

      ✔Only notification pushing available, unable to talking calls or texting messages.

      ✔Battery Life: Fully charged with 2 hours


      • 1) Unbinding with the phone, turn on heart rate, and BP auto-monitor, it can last 5-7 days.
      • 2) Turn on auto detect and all reminders, keep binding with the phone, it only can last 1-2 day.
      • 3) Turn off auto-detect, keep unbinding with the phone, it can last up to 30 days.
      • 4) Turn off the auto-detection, unbinding with app, the battery life will extend.
      • 5) If the watch enters the water, it will affect its battery life


      updated 2019 version smart watch
      smart watch

      More Colors More Choices

      ✔ Fashionable colors to match your daily dressing perfectly.

      ✔ IPS 1.3-inch high-definition full touch screen and resolution 240 * 240 which give you the best visual experience, brighter and clearer, easier to read.

      ✔ Four special clock faces: know the time, date, steps, calories, heart rate, battery level, Bluetooth connection just at a glance.

      ✔ The new touch experience, compared to the cumbersome single touch, this four-square UI full touch + physical button watch, easy to return to the home page with one click, will be your better choice.

      Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor

      • Built-in optical sensors keep 24 hours continuous tracking for heart rate and blood pressure.
      • Save all the historical data of your heart rate and blood pressure for checking, and generate personalized reports for yourself in the app.
      • NOTE: Filling in your correct info will help to get a closer result.

      Sleep Monitor

      • Automatic track your sleep quality status from 6 p.m to 8 a.m. to get a better understanding of your health.
      • The app will intelligently analyze your sleep and generate daily, weekly, and monthly sleep reports for yourself.
      • NOTE: Lunch breaks and naps will not be recognized. Need to move for a few minutes to let the watch recognize that you are awake.

      Female Period Remind

      • Cycle function specially designed for women. Menstrual reminders, menstrual prediction, and other information can be viewed in-app, care about women's health, take more care for you and your love.
      • NOTE: This function only available when setting gender as a female on APP.

      IP68 Waterproof Swimming Watch

      • A sports watch that can accompany no matter what the weather conditions are like.
      • IP68 waterproofing can be worn while jogging in the rain, washing hands under cold water avoiding damage from rain and sweat.
      • NOTE: Not used for hot water, shower, sea water, or any aquatic activities with water pressure such as swimming.

      Stay Organised

      • Sedentary reminder: vibrate to remind you to take a break from a long period of work.
      • Event reminder
      • Alarm clock
      • Timer
      • Stopwatch
      • NOTE: The reminder time should set on the app

      Your New Workout Companion

      • Automatically detect your movements in 24 hours. Information such as sport time, miles, real-time heart rate, calories, steps, etc. can be grasped at a glance.
      • You can see your fitness targets to easily control your rhythm of exercise, make your exercise as effective as possible.
      • NOTE: Daily goals for steps and calories should be setting on the app.