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Portable Insulated Lunch Bags Black

Portable Insulated Lunch Bags Black

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Lunch Bag for MenInsulated Leakproof Lunch Bag

Insulated Lunch Bag has a large capacity for outdoor picnics, brings meals to work, and delivers meals to children. It retains not only the warmth of food, but also the warmth from home.

Help reduce waste on a daily basis with a reusable lunch bag that is inspired by a bold, classic look that is both sleek and stylish. Designed for flexibility and convenience, this all-day lunch bag feature with Dual Insulated Compartment. The storage capacity of 12.5L is very suitable for storing a variety of food and beverages.

This lunch bag is suitable for all-day use that also features a removable strap for convenience. The side pockets are also suitable for storing bottles, travel mugs and even mobile phones. This lunch bag will be a stylish yet practical solution to daily life.

It can be used at work, school, and any free time. The style is suitable for picnic, beach, road trips, street shopping, dinner, class study, outdoor travel, office work, etc.

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