MorePro V19

24/7 HR | 24/7 BP | ECG | HRV 

| SPO2 | Scientific Sleep 

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MorePro CS201

24/7 HR | SPO2 | Stress 

Music Control | Scientific Sleep 

Swimming Record | DIY Watch Face

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24/7 HR | 24/7 BP | ECG | HRV | SPO2

 | Scientific sleep | Pedometer | Music Control

SHOP NOW | $56.95

24/7 Heart rate monitoring | Blood pressure monitoring

Body temperature monitoring | 20 sports modes

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MorePro V200

24/7 HR | 24/7 BP | Sleep Monitor

Music Control | Temperature Tracking

DIY Watch Face

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MorePro V12C

24/7 HR | BP | Sleep Monitor | Pedometer | Female Reminder

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MorePro FT18 Smartwatch
  • $49.99
MorePro H86 Smartwatch
  • $42.99
MorePro C10 Smartwatch
  • From $49.99
MorePro FT10 Smartwatch
  • $54.99

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To reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more.

MorePro V19
  • $55.98
  • From $45.99
MorePro V101
  • $36.95
MorePro V10
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MorePro V100S
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MorePro GT1Pro
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MorePro GT2
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MorePro F12
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MorePro V200
  • $54.99

Helps You Stay Fit , Anytime Anywhere

V19 always keeps an eye on your body and offers a real-time view of your personal health data to help you live a healthier lifestyle.


Look Like Conventional , Feel Like Unconventional

20 sports modes, and more with the new morePro V200

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Swimming Watch

IP 68 and 5 ATM waterproof.Provide swimming pool swimming mode, set the water depth, to help you effectively record swimming data.


User Instructions

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MOREPRO FT18 User Guide

MOREPRO FT10 User Guide


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MOREPRO V100S User Guide

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MOREPRO V200 User Guide

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Morepro V101 User Instructions

V101 User Instructions Click here>> APP Click here>> You can download the MorePro app on the APP Store or Google Pla...

MorePro H86 User Instructions

H86 User Instructions Click here APP Click here>> You can download the H Band app on the APP Store or Google Play   ——|  Fit Clo...

MorePro-V19 User Instructions

MorePro ECG Fitness Tracker With HRV, HD Color Screen, Best Choice for Men And Women

Don't just take our word for it What our customers are saying...

Most of my coworkers have apple watches, but I’ve just never been a fan. I love this watch morePro V19 because the size is compact and it’s really sleek and easy to use. The battery life is excellent. I highly recommend it.


A very easy-to-use smart sports watch. The strap is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is also very comfortable to use. All functions are very good.


I have to say I am surprised at how accurate this watch is . It was easy to set up and easy to use . I like that I can set the parameters and the watch will do all the work . It keeps track of my steps and notifies me if I need to move more !


I have tried a number of these type of watches and this one is the very best. It is accurate and easy to read and easy to work with. The app is easy to set up and everything seems to work the way it should quickly and easily. Not like the others

Carl Schultz

This is really helping me track my BP, steps, and sleep quality! I am not sure how accurate the BP and heart rate are yet but it gives a rough idea. It is a really nice watch and great quality!


I like the HD color screen, it's so easy to view especially since I am nearsighted. I like the fact that it's waterproof since I have the tendency to sweat a lot and at times walk home alone in bad weather.

Jill Lepore

love this watch , It does everything described.

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