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MorePro-V19 User Instructions

V19 User Instructions

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Intuitive Charts

Get easy breakdowns of your fitness data in ways that are easy to read and simple to understand including workout times, steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and more. All this data can now be found in our very own app, all connected between your smartphone, morePro device, and yourself.

All your workout data, stored in one place.

Analyze your workouts deeper with intuitive chats that let you see how you performed during exercise sessions. You’ll be able to find all your data here and easily check your pace, step frequency heart rate and calories burned during any specific training session to understand how you are performing.

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Support 11 languages including English, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q:Why the V19 tracker can't pair to the phone?

A:The device can't pair to the phone’s Bluetooth directly. You can download the MorePro app on Google Play or App Store. Turn on the Bluetooth and the GPS/location while connection, go to MorePro app-->setting-->search the device-->find "V19"model to connect.

Q:How to pair the V19 tracker?

Q: How to change the time and date on the V19 tracker?

A:Once the device is successfully connected to the phone, the time will be synchronized, You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play for pairing.

Q:How to charge the V19 tracker?

A:Please check this video:


Q:Why the tracker running out of battery so fast?

A:Generally speaking,the fitness tracker can be used for 5-7 days after fully charged, if you are using many functions at the same time, the watch will consume power fast, you can try to turn off some functions.

Q:How to detect the ECG?

A:Foe the ECG mode, you need to keep your finger touch well on the touch button about 1 mintue till finishing detection and keep clam and silent. And we recommend you test ECG through the app.Here is the video for your reference:


Q:Why the blood pressure,heart rate and blood oxygen I detected on the tracker can’t be saved?

A:Only the data that detected automatically can be saved. Please go to the setting of the App to turn on the “Automatic BP detect”, “Scientific Sleep” and “Blood oxygen night monitoring”, then you can check the data.

Q:How to make the tracker detect 24/7 blood pressure,heart rate and blood oxygen?

A:Please go to MorePro app -->Device-->Switch Setting-->turn on the “Automatic BP detect”, “Scientific Sleep” and “Blood oxygen night monitoring”, then it will detect your 24-h blood pressure and heart rate. And the SPO2 monitoring will detect your blood oxygen from 00:00 to 7:00am.

Q:How to track the daytime sleeping?

A:Please go to the MorePro app-->device-->switch setting-->turn on the “Scientific Sleep”.

Q:How to factory reset the tracker?

Q:How to share the data, like ECG, blood pressure, heart rate?


Q:Why the blood pressure data is not accurate?

A:When using the MorePro app for the first time,please set your basic information according to the prompts,such as skin color, height, etc. If you have acquired blood pressure results through professional medical instruments, you can enter this data in the private mode of blood pressure of the app. This is an electronic monitoring product; data received from it can not be used as a medical reference and is for reference only.

Q:What should I do if the step counting feature stopped working?

A:Please try to clear the device data on the app.

Q:How to change the metric into the imperial?

A:Please go to the MorePro app-->Setting-->Unit setting. Then you can change it.

Q:How to turn on the call/message notification?

A:Please go to the MorePro app-->Setting-->Device-->Message Remind, then you can turn on the call, message and app notifications. Please don’t forget to allow the notification permission of the phone.

Q:How to reset the password for pairing the device on the app?

1)Switch the device to the Sleep page

2)Long press the touch button for 3-5 seconds till the device vibrates

3)Try to enter “0000” on the app. After you successfully pair the device with your phone on the app, you can change the app in the setting.

Q:Can’t receive the verification code when registering the account?

1)Please make sure that the email address you provided is correct.

2)If you can’t find the verification email sent by MorePro in the inbox, please check your folder. If the spam filter or the email rule moves the email, it may be in spam, in the trash, deleted the item or archive folder.

3)Please check your network status and try again. If the problem is still not resolved, please try the H band app. This app doesn’t request the code.


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