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MorePro V19 ECG/EKG Fitness Tracker Review

BY Sophie Summers

This is the latest fitness tracker that I have had the opportunity to try out and review.

The MorePro HRV Fitness Tracker and MorePro P1C smartwatch fitness tracker I tried in the past were both awesome so I was excited to write a review on this latest model from their fitness tracker product line.

MorePro ECG Fitness Band and Box
This is my MorePro ECG Fitness Tracker


In this review, I will go over everything you need to know about the MorePro ECG Fitness Tracker so you can decide if this is the right choice for you and your lifestyle and fitness goals!


Screen Size: Bigger isn’t always better. I love the size of the screen. I have pretty small wrists. Some fitness trackers just look huge and bulky when I wear them.

MorePro ECG Fitness Tracker Display Screen
Here are a few photos of the different display screens on the fitness tracker. To rotate between screens I tap the silver bar on the bottom of the display.

Readability: This fitness tracker has a 1.14 inch IPS Color Screen. I find it easy to read even in bright sunlight. I can adjust the brightness level. This is nice when I’m sleeping or watching a movie.

Waterproof: The waterproof rating is IP68. I can wear it in the shower or while washing my hands

Green AND Infrared Light detection: Since both technologies are used, the fitness tracker can monitor even more wellness data from the wrist. This includes heart rate and blood pressure.

Battery Life

The battery life is great! The battery life of a wearable is very important to me.

I don’t like to have to charge a device every single day. It’s hard enough sometimes making sure to charge my phone! I love that the battery life on this MorePro can last up to 5 days!

Keep in mind the battery life will also depend on what functions and tracking options you set up.


One thing I did not like with previous MorePro fitness wearables I tried out was the unique charging cables.

The very first MorePro I tried I actually ended up losing the cable only to find it 4 months later!

This MorePro is different! It actually does not even have a charging cable!!

To charge the device, I remove the band from one of the ends. Then I plug the tracker directly into a USB port.

Demonstration on how to charge the MorePro ECG fitness tracker
Charging this fitness band is simple and easy. First, remove the wrist band to uncover the blue plastic piece. Then plug the blue part into any USB port.

I love that I don’t need to remember to pack yet another charging cable now!


ECG + PPG Technology
The ECG/EKG monitor lets me do readings at any time of the day, anywhere I happen to be.

MorePro ECG Reading on App
Here is a example of what the ECG and Heart Rate data looks like in the App


This fitness tracker is very focused on heart health. It also features HRV readings and analysis.

How to get an ECG reading:
Here are the steps that demonstrate how simple and easy it is to get an ECG reading with this fitness band and the MorePro App.

  1. Wear the fitness track properly on your wrist and access to ECG page on the App
  2. Place your finger on the sensors for 30 seconds until it finished
  3. View the result instantly on the color screen and check more detailed data on the App
  4. Convenient to share your health records depends on your need


Sleep Tracking
The sleep tracking has been updated with even more detailed tracking. I can view all sorts of data, including light sleep and deep sleep.

On the display of the fitness band, I can see the amount of sleep I got that night and the overall quality of the sleep with star ratings.

If I am interested in more detail about my sleep quality I can open the MorePro app to see all the details.

Sleep data from MorePro App
This is a example of some of the details from the sleep tracking data


Here is a quick summary of the features and tracking data possible with this fitness tracker:

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood pressure
  • HRV
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Steps
  • Walking distance
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep data
  • Sport and workout tracking

Many bonus features: The amount of health tracking features is incredible but it also has a ton of “bonus” features that are convenient and nice to have!

These include a “find my phone” function, controlling the camera on your smartphone, alarm, and sharing data with family.


In the MorePro app, I can customize the display screen design and the brightness level of the display.

The MorePro app has many features and settings.

I can enable different notifications to show up on my fitness tracker screen.

This includes notifications from calls, text messages, email, Facebook, and many other apps.

I’m impressed with the amount of detail I can see in the app.

From the dashboard, I can quickly see a summary of my health data for the day.

MorePro App Dashboard screen on iPhone
Here is an example of my dashboard when I open the app. I can also customize the look and choose between a light and dark theme.

When I want to see more detail I can click on the category and view all the measurement tracking for that category.

Pros & Cons


Comfortable: It is very light and the bands are soft. I don’t feel it weighing down on my wrist. It also does not get in the way.

Easy to Use: Both the tracker and the app are easy to set up and use.

Price: This fitness tracker is affordable and a great value!

Easy Charging: It’s easy to charge this device and it doesn’t require any special charging cables. The little blue piece on the device plugs directly into a USB charging port. I don’t have to remember to bring any special cables with me anymore.


Band security: I noticed that sometimes if the fitness bands get caught on something while on my wrist, the band that holds the charging port starts to separate from the device. I have not had it fall off my wrist completely but this is a slight area of concern. One customer reporting losing the band while lifting and moving boxes.

Reviews and Testimonials

The average rating at the time of this article was 4.1 out of 5 stars.

A few things that people reported they really liked about this fitness tracker is the ECG feature, simple and easy to use app, great price, long battery, alarm clock function and the detailed graphs in the app.

My Experience:

This is the third MorePro fitness tracker model I tried and I am impressed with how this model has so many functions and capabilities but they are still able to keep the price low and affordable!

I love that the fitness tracker plugs into a USB port without needing any charging cables.

The battery life is fantastic!

My dad actually needs to keep track of his blood pressure levels.

Since I had such a positive experience with this tracker he wants to buy one for himself!


Overall, this is a fantastic fitness tracker with a focus on heart health.

Design: The device is light and comfortable to wear. It is not bulky and the display is a nice size. The display design is customizable and the brightness can also be adjusted. The only area for improvement in the strength of the band that covers the blue charging piece.

Features: This fitness tracker has an incredible amount of features including Heart Rate, Blood pressure, HRV, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Apnea, Steps, Walking Distance, Calories burned, Sleep data, Sport and workout tracking.

Battery Life: The battery can last up to 5 days on a full charge. The battery life will also depend on what settings you choose to monitor and how often. The charging is easy and does not require cables.

App: Is easy to use. The health data is clearly presented and easy to see details. Sometimes the data takes a while to sync from the device to the smartphone.

Value: This fitness tracker is affordable and excellent value for the features and capabilities it has.


If you have any questions about this product comment below and I'll do my best to answer asap 

Price: $45.95

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