Have the problems of using fitness trackers or smartwatches? Here is a series of questions that when the customers are using the device~We hope the videos can help u.

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Q1:How To Charge the Fitness Tracker?


Q2:How to take off the Fitness Tracker Replacement Strap?


Q3:How To Change The Time And Date?

A:Once the device is successfully connected to the phone, the time will be synchronized. So if you want to change the device's time and date, you need to change the phone's time first, then restart the fitness tracker/smartwatch and reconnect it with your phone. Once fitness tracker paired with phone again, the time on the bracelet will be auto synchronized with phone's. 

Q4:Why Not Sleep Data on The App?

A:About the sleep: When you sleep for a while, your hand is no longer swinging, your blood flow, your heart rate, etc. are slow, and the watch will start recording.

1.The activity tracker will automatically monitor your sleeping once it supported with enough power (please make sure the wrist band sits closely on your wrist before use). It judges your sleeping status from your wrist action or body movement. The device only records your last period of sleep (over 2 hours, from 6 pm ~8 am).
2. The sleeping data is also related to your personal info, please make sure your personal info on your app is updated. (Steps: Go to morepro/H-band app -User -My info)
3. Warm tips: When you wake up, you need to take a period of activities (the time of activities will be included in sleep time) to stop the sleep monitor, then its tracks you had already got up and show you the sleep time on the tracker. Then you can check more details of sleep on the app.

It only captured a longer part sleeping records if you get up to move around or doing something at midnight. As it detects you got up.

Q5:How To Change The kg To pounds or cm to in?

A: You can chang it on the app:Setting-Unit Setting 

Q6:Why Fitness Tracker/Smartwatch Always Can not Connect With My Phone?

1. Please confirm the fitness tracker/smartwatch do not pair with other phones

2. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth not used by other's devices such as earphones.

3. Please follow those steps:
3.1. Download app MorePro from the app store or google play, it requires a smartphone Android 4.4& IOS 8.0 and above.
3.2. Go to the app(Not via the Bluetooth page directly)=>click to connect device=>device.

Then the smart band starts to record your activities.

Q7:Why My Blood Pressure Data is Not Accurate?

Regarding your issue, I may suggest you to choose a general mode or private mode to test and you can choose to save or discard the test results obtained through the app.

Or turn on the automatic blood pressure monitoring through the app; The device will automatically test blood pressure every hour. After syncing, the results captured will be presented at the blood pressure interface.

If you have acquired blood pressure results through professional medical instruments, you can enter this data in the private mode of blood pressure of the app.

Actually, This is an electronic monitoring product; data received from it cannot be used as a medical reference and is for reference only.

Q8:How To Test The ECG By The V19 Fitness Tracker?

A:There are two ways to get the ECG fitness tracker

1.By App: https://youtu.be/Trf5Q5vGsEY

2.Through the fitness tracker: https://youtu.be/NEny6tP3tO0

Q9:How To Change The V12C Smartwatch's Replacement Strap?


Q10:How to track my order?

A:When we received your order, we will arrange the delivery ASAP. And when you receive our email informs, which means that the order has been shipped out(We have warehouse in the US). But the tracking number needs to wait for 2-4days, if you need to receive the parcel in urgent, leave a message or email us, we will choose the fastest ways to deliver it.

And you can track the informations of the parcel in this website: https://www.17track.net/en

Q11:How to connect the fitness tracker with my smartphone?