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New Morepro HM38 Strong Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling Fitness Tracker

New Morepro HM38 Strong Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling Fitness Tracker

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Caring for health and ensuring the quality of the watch, Morepro improve the detection of body indicators, which is 38% more accurate than ordinary watches,  including blood pressure monitoring.

 Create eternity for them

With the help of milling machines with high-speed cutting capabilities, we produce smart watches
The case is made from the highest quality anodized metal - designed to be a life-long companion.

Superior to technology and functionality

Ultra-sturdy metal casing, sharp AMOLED display, high quality. Bluetooth phone functionality, accurate sensors, ideal smart watch. Ideal for users with strict requirements on style and multifunctionality.

IP67 waterproof and low temperature resistant, Up to -70°

Which one is the right one to you?

OTHER: Cheaply made 8 break quickly
GOLIAT: The perfect choice for demanding users looking for ultimate
Set robustness and resilience.

All Features 

  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 24/7 Heart rate monitoring
  • HR reminder
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • 24/7 Sleep Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • pressure test
  • Breathing training
  • timer
  • Weather reminder
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 20 Sports modes
  • Daily activity tracking(steps, distance, and calories burned)
  • Call, text & app notifications &Store information
  • Remote Camera
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Countdown & stopwatch
  • Alarms
  • Light up the screen by rotating your wrist
  • Do not disturb
  • Find Device
  • Find Phone
  • Save Power
  • Imperial & Metric Settings
  • Light up the screen by rotating your wrist

  • 1*HM38 Smartwatch
  • 1*HM38 Charger
  • 1*HM38 User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Douglas Wakeley
reviewing V19Pro

Wow. I went from a V19 to this V19pro. Having a V19pro I assumed the Morepro watch would be my best option. After waiting for user reviews I decided this was my my best option.

Battery life is great and will last over 24 hours as long as you don't sit there and play with it all day. Great for receiving messages/ notifications. Taking your HR, spo2 or ekg is also an option. I have not used the ekg option but truthfully checking your radial pulse with palpation will let you know if you have an irregular arrhythmia.
I work as an RN so I find it convenient to have the timer option on my main screen, it makes it easier for medication titration or patient follow-up.
It really does much more than I need. Looks great on top of everything else that it does.

John Rennie
very long battery life

The watch feels very nice on, it has decently nice capability such as Alexa, Alipay for payments, ability to place and receive call/texts. The sleep tracking is there but only deep and light sleep but doesn't seem very accurate because it only said I woke up when I went to physically check my sleep, I was up for more then an hour prior to that. I do like all the apps to change the face of the watch as the basic ones do not work out well for me. It is fairly difficult to remove links unless you have the proper press tool, I was able to get it with a cell phone tool and a hammer for removing SIM cards. My biggest concern is the battery life, It lasts about 5 days so I don't have to carry around a charger.

Jim Garrett
Great Watch for the price

This is the best smartwatch I have ever worn. I have worn Garmin and Apple watches before, but neither the quality nor the health data are as good as the Morepro HM38. I love its durability, blood pressure, heart rate, Bluetooth calling, and breathing training features. Buying it for $130 is definitely a bargain.

Richard Rothwell
Definitely worth the $130.

I love this watch so much, it makes me feel happy all day long. Definitely worth the $130.

Kimberly Hazelet

I was looking for a robust smartwatch and the Morepro HM38 exceeded my expectations. Both the metal housing and the AMOLED display look high-quality and are very durable.

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Morepro Best Sports and Fitness Tracker

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